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About Curaçao

About Curaçao

Curaçao is a stretched semi-arid island dotted with hills. From northwest to southeast it covers about 39 miles and is about 10 miles at the broadest. It is located between Aruba and Bonaire and is part of the Dutch ABC-islands. It is the largest of the lesser Antilles.


The northern coast is rough and rocky, with high waves. The southern coastline is dotted with golden beaches, 7 miles in total, in the calm of the carribean sea. The main roads are pretty good, and well marked. You will not get lost easily on this island, where the coast is never further than 5 miles.. On the southcoast you will find bays and small beaches and long beaches nearer to the west. The capital is Willemstad where the majority of Curacao’s 150.000 population are living.

The north coast endures a constant strong wind from the east. The coastline with limestone formations on a volcanic rock base is arid and wild. More inland you will encounter some small villages and former plantation houses and the remains of the plantations themselves.

The western part of the island mostly consists of hills, and a large portion comprises the national Christoffel park. This park is approximately 4500 acres and is a base to visit Christoffel mountain (377 meters), the highest point of Curacao.

The eastern part of Curacao is flat and barren, with a few small dirtroads leading to small bays.

With an average rainfall of approximately 510mm per year, Curacao is a dry island. Drinking water on the island is acquired from seawater and is well drinkable.

For more information please visit the website of the Curacao Tourism Board.